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Equilibrium binding of four anthracyclines to nucleic acids: thermodynamic properties and sequence selectivity.

The thermodynamic parameters of the interaction of the two anthracyclines 13-dihydrodaunomycin and marcellomycin with calf thymus DNA were examined by equilibrium binding studies. Enthalpy and entropy changes of the binding of both drugs show salt dependence profiles that cannot be rationalized by the polyelectrolyte theory. This feature is common to other anthracycline compounds. The nucleotide sequence binding preferences of daunomycin, adriamycin, 13-dihydrodaunomycin and marcellomycin have been studied by monitoring the degree of protection from cleavage by restriction endonucleases of linearized pBR322. Differential protection of pBR322 DNA against the cleavage of Bgl I and Ava II suggests that these drugs recognize changes in the sequences near the enzyme recognition site. Alterations of the electrophoretic restriction pattern of pBR322 in the presence of anthracyclines are dependent on time and on concentration. These results are discussed in relation to the existence of nucleotide sequences with different affinity for these drugs.[1]


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