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Reactive sulfur species: kinetics and mechanisms of the oxidation of cysteine by hypohalous acid to give cysteine sulfenic acid.

Cysteine sulfenic acid has been generated in alkaline aqueous solution by oxidation of cysteine with hypohalous acid (HOX, X = Cl or Br). The kinetics and mechanisms of the oxidation reaction and the subsequent reactions of cysteine sulfenic acid have been studied by stopped-flow spectrophotometry between pH 10 and 14. Two reaction pathways were observed: (1) below pH 12, the condensation of two sulfenic acids to give cysteine thiosulfinate ester followed by the nucleophilic attack of cysteinate on cysteine thiosulfinate ester and (2) above pH 10, a pH-dependent fast equilibrium protonation of cysteine sulfenate that is followed by rate-limiting comproportionation of cysteine sulfenic acid with cysteinate to give cystine. The observation of the first reaction suggests that the condensation of cysteine sulfenic acid to give cysteine thiosulfinate ester can be competitive with the reaction of cysteine sulfenic acid with cysteine.[1]


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