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Chemical Compound Review

cystine     2-amino-3-(2-amino-2- carboxy...

Synonyms: Nephrin, cistina, Zystin, D-Cystine, DL-CYSTINE, ...
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Disease relevance of cystine


Psychiatry related information on cystine

  • Patient self-assessment of medical compliance was uniformly high regardless of physician perceptions or treatment results.CONCLUSIONS The durability of medically treating patients with cystinuria is limited with only a small percent able to achieve and maintain the goal of decreasing cystine below the saturation concentration [6].
  • Therefore, because of its high yield in the native disulfide arrangement and its high permissiveness for sequence mutation in the 4-7 loop, such a stabilized cystine-stabilized alpha-helical motif could be a valuable scaffold for the presentation of a library of constrained short peptides [7].
  • Prevention of cystine cross-links during this critical period of cuticle assembly by peptide-FMK inhibitors may represent a potential control mechanism having a novel mechanism of action [8].
  • In a similar group of cats fed 0.05% taurine in addition to an excess of cystine, four cats died after showing minimal symptoms of lethargy and unsteadiness and the remainder showed no adverse effects [9].
  • The addition of cystine to the regime of this child, without any other dietary modification, resulted in a complete remission [10].

High impact information on cystine

  • Nck links nephrin to actin in kidney podocytes [11].
  • Two papers, one in Nature (Jones et al., 2006) and the other in the Journal of Clinical Investigation (Verma et al., 2006) show that Nck adaptor proteins connect phosphorylated nephrin with actin polymerization in podocyte foot processes, structures important for slit-diaphragm formation in the kidney [11].
  • Furthermore, both Ero1p and Erv2p display essential dicysteine motifs on mobile polypeptide segments, suggesting that shuttling electrons to a rigid active site using a flexible strand is a fundamental feature of disulfide-generating flavoenzymes [12].
  • Cystinuria (MIM 220100) is a common recessive disorder of renal reabsorption of cystine and dibasic amino acids [13].
  • Images in clinical medicine. Cystine crystals in Fanconi's syndrome [14].

Chemical compound and disease context of cystine


Biological context of cystine


Anatomical context of cystine

  • Because high concentrations of ascorbic acid (0.57 mM) lower the free (nonprotein) cystine content of cultured cystinotic skin fibroblasts by over 50 per cent, we did a double-blind clinical trial to establish whether this drug would benefit cystinotic children [24].
  • In our study, the mean cystine depletion from leukocytes was 82 percent [25].
  • Certain continuous lymphoid and myeloid tumor cell lines of rodent origin are unable to grow in tissue culture in the absence of pre-formed L-cystine (CYS) [5].
  • Transport interaction of cystine and dibasic amino acids in renal brush border vesicles [26].
  • Supporting a role for CD2AP in the specialized cell junction known as the slit diaphragm, CD2AP associated with nephrin, the primary component of the slit diaphragm [27].

Associations of cystine with other chemical compounds


Gene context of cystine


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of cystine


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