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Studies on the corticotrophin-releasing activity of vasopressin, using ACTH secretion by cultured rat adenohypophyseal cells.

CRF activity of synthetic vasopressins and pitressin was studied in an in vitro system of cultured rat adenohypophyseal cells using direct measurement of ACTH by radioimmunoassay. Pitressin (posterior pituitary extract) induced a dose-related secretion of ACTH whereas synthetic arginine or lysine vasopressin were devoid of CRF activity, even with the largest tested dose (4 mug/ml). No potentiation of the CRF activity of hypothalamic extract was observed with any vasopressin preparation studied. We concluded that: 1) the CRF activity of posterior pituitary extract is not due to vasopressin, and 2) the ACTH secretion induced by vasopressin administration in vivo is unlikely to be due to a direct effect of vasopressin on adenohypophyseal cells.[1]


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