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Chemical Compound Review

LYPRESSIN     1-[[19-amino-10-(2- aminocarbonylethyl)-7...

Synonyms: Lipresina, Postacton, Diapid, Lipressina, Lypressine, ...
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Disease relevance of LYPRESSIN


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High impact information on LYPRESSIN

  • The major pressor hormone of two Australian species, the red kangaroo (Macropus rufus) and the tammar (Macropus eugenii), has been identified as lysine vasopressin by its amino acid sequence anda its pharmacological properties [11].
  • A theoretical methodology for use in conjunction with experiment was applied to the neurohypophyseal hormone lysine vasopressin for elucidation of its accessible molecular conformations and associated flexibility, conformational transitions, and dynamics [12].
  • Male mice were given a single injection of either adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) or lysine vasopressin immediately after a defeat in an encounter with an aggressive male mouse [13].
  • Human corticotropin-releasing factor plus lysine vasopressin test during glucocorticoid therapy [14].
  • Lysine vasopressin and the V1 antagonist [1-deaminopenicillamine, 2-(O-methyl)tyrosine]Arg8-vasopressin compete with high affinity with [3H]AVP binding, whereas the V2 agonist [1-deamino,4-valine]D-Arg8-vasopressin (dVDAVP) is 110 times less potent than AVP [15].

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