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Avoiding underdiagnosis, overdiagnosis, and misdiagnosis of lung carcinoma.

CONTEXT: Given the magnitude of the therapeutic and prognostic implications, it is critical that pathologists diagnose lung cancer accurately. This can sometimes be a formidable challenge, as a number of benign entities mimic lung carcinoma and vice versa. OBJECTIVE: To present strategies for recognizing benign entities likely to be confused with lung carcinoma, malignancies of the lung prone to misinterpretation as benign, and commonly misclassified pulmonary neoplasms. DATA SOURCES: The medical literature and experience from consultative and surgical practice. CONCLUSIONS: In addition to understanding the clinical context in which a lung biopsy is procured and the radiographic findings, appreciating the histologic distribution of disease and what, if any, pathologic features are present in the background can go a long way toward averting a misdiagnosis of lung cancer. Recognizing the limitations posed by small samples and communicating clearly to clinicians the level of diagnostic uncertainty are equally as important for establishing an accurate diagnosis of lung cancer.[1]


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