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Data Collection

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Disease relevance of Data Collection


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High impact information on Data Collection

  • This is evidence for aetiological heterogeneity at the IDDM1/MHC locus and, therefore, in the search for non-MHC loci in type 1 diabetes, conditioning of linkage data by HLA type is advised [11].
  • On the basis of linkage data, a second HNPCC locus was assigned to chromosome 3p21-23 (ref. 3). Here we report that a human gene encoding a protein, hMLH1 (human MutL homologue), homologous to the bacterial DNA mismatch repair protein MutL, is located on human chromosome 3p21.3-23 [12].
  • The acyl-enzyme was stabilised by cooling the crystal to --55 degrees C during substrate addition and data collection [13].
  • From April 1996 through April 1998, we identified material-handling employees in 160 new retail merchandise stores (89 required back belt use; 71 had voluntary back belt use) in 30 states (from New Hampshire to Michigan in the north and from Florida to Texas in the south); data collection ended December 1998, median follow-up was 6(1/2) months [14].
  • DATA SOURCES: We conducted a computerized literature search from 1985 through 1995 to identify all published trials testing statin drugs [15].

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Associations of Data Collection with chemical compounds

  • DESIGN--Through the International TSD Testing, Quality Control, and Data Collection Center, all testing centers in the world were surveyed annually to assess overall experience with carrier testing and prenatal diagnosis [31].
  • RESULTS--From the data collection period in NHANES II (1976 through 1980) to the period in NHANES III (1988 through 1991), the proportion of adults with high blood cholesterol levels (> or = 240 mg/dL [6.21 mmol bd) fell from 26% to 20%, while the proportion with desirable levels (< 200 mg/dL [5.17 mmol/L]) rose from 44% to 49% [32].
  • Linkage data and lithium carbonate response in the proband suggest that the schizophreniform-affective spectrum in members of the pedigree may reflect a genetically distinct disorder [33].
  • DATA SOURCES: Randomized trials estimating the progression of diabetic nephropathy with and without angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors [34].
  • DATA SOURCES: Computerized and manual searches of the literature on total homocysteine levels and cardiovascular disease [35].

Gene context of Data Collection

  • Based on available linkage data for these markers, this suggests that a putative target gene within this amplicon lies centromeric to BCL1 [36].
  • Recently, linkage data on Italian and French populations confirmed this location, while a similar analysis on Australian and British populations located the gene closer to D6S105, a marker residing telomeric of HLA-A [37].
  • Linkage data on phosphoglycolate phosphatase (PGP) E.C. and 26 other human genetic markers are presented [38].
  • Our mouse linkage data suggest that the human NFYC homolog will map to 1p32 [39].
  • These results may help to explain the genome-wide scan linkage data and functional observations concerning association between IL-1 and OA [40].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Data Collection


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