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The developmental effect of overexpressing a Ubx product in Drosophila embryos is dependent on its interactions with other homeotic products.

We report the developmental effects of expressing an Ultrabithorax (Ubx) product under the hsp70 promoter. Heat induction gives rise to a high, ubiquitous expression of Ubx product that lasts for several hours. We find that whether or not the overexpression of Ubx has a developmental effect on a particular body region of the larva depends on the interactions with the resident homeotic genes. In head and thorax the Ubx product overrides Sex combs reduced, Antennapedia, and probably other homeotic genes and dictates its own developmental program. In abdominal segments A1-A8 the overexpressed Ubx product establishes a normal pattern, alone (A1) or in combination with abdominal-A (A2-A4) and Abdominal-B (A5-A8), indicating that the excess of product is irrelevant. In segment A9 the highly expressed Ubx product is phenotypically suppressed by the r product of Abdominal-B. The presence of high levels of Ubx protein is also irrelevant in the telson.[1]


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