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Influence of environment on the antifolate drug trimethoprim: energy minimization studies.

Environmental effects on trimethoprim (TMP), an inhibitor of bacterial dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR), were investigated with energy minimizations in vacuo, in the crystal, and in aqueous solution. The conformations, harmonic dynamics, and energetics of the antibacterial drug calculated in these environments were compared with each other and with those of two enzyme-bound drugs. Valence and torsion angles and their energies and overall intra- and intermolecular energies compensated one another in the minimized TMP structures. The conformations of the isolated and aqueous molecules were similar to that of TMP bound to chicken liver DHFR, while the structures from the TMP crystal and from the Escherichia coli DHFR complex were unique. Since neither the small-molecule crystal nor a local minimum of the isolated molecule gave the conformation of TMP bound to the bacterial enzyme, a combination of several experimental and theoretical techniques may be necessary to probe accessible conformations of a molecule.[1]


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