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Chemical Compound Review

Bactifor     5-[(3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl) methyl]pyrimidi...

Synonyms: Antrimox, Bacticel, Proloprim, Septrin, Trimpex, ...
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  • Since death caused by diaminopimelic acid deprivation could release recombinant DNA before DNA is degraded because of thymine starvation, it is important to determine the "survival potential" of the released DNA's. Bacterial and plasmid DNA's extracted from bacterial cells are rapidly degraded when added to low dilutions of rat intestinal contents [25].
  • Trimethoprim therapy for urinary tract infection. Long-term prophylaxis in a uremic patient [26].
  • TMP/SMZ failed to eradicate H. influenzae b from the blood in 85% (17/20) or from the cerebrospinal fluid in 95% (19/20) of infected animals [27].
  • Letter: Bacterial culture of jejunal mucosa in childhood caeliac disease [28].
  • Treatment with trimethoprim rarely selected resistant pathogens in the sputum or resistant Enterobacteriacae in the intestine, although the incidence of resistant coagulase-negative staphylococci on the skin increased with both regimens [29].

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