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Carboxypeptidase yscS: gene structure and function of the vacuolar enzyme.

The gene encoding carboxypeptidase yscS in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, CPS1, was cloned by complementation of the cps1-3 mutation. The cloned CPS1 gene, which again enabled a leucine auxotrophic cps1-3 mutant to grow on the modified dipeptide Cbz-Gly-Leu (Cbz, benzyloxycarbonyl) as sole leucine source, was sequenced and found to consist of an open reading frame of 1728 bp encoding a protein of 576 amino acids. The putative protein contains a hydrophobic stretch of 20 amino acids and a putative signal sequence cleavage site. Five putative N-glycosylation sites are also in the protein sequence. This data is consistent with the previous finding of carboxypeptidase yscS being a vacuolar peptidase. Chromosomal disruption of the CPS1 gene completely abolishes carboxypeptidase yscS activity. This protein is yet another member of the peptidases in S. cerevisiae involved in nitrogen metabolism.[1]


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