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The auditory periphery of the ferret: postnatal development of acoustic properties.

The development of the acoustics of the auditory periphery of the ferret was examined by measuring the spectral transfer functions (STFs) and the directional characteristics of the outer ears of animals ranging in age from postnatal day 32 (P32) to P54. Using an impulse response technique the STFs were obtained from up to 250 locations throughout free space. The directional responses were calculated for frequencies between 1 kHz and 30 kHz. The low frequency roll-off of the STF decreased with increasing age from around 15 kHz at P32 to an adult value of around 8 kHz by P51. The directional responses of the outer ear of the immature ferrets differed significantly from adult animals in a fashion that was consistent with the smaller size of the auditory periphery. However, by P51 the responses were generally within the normal adult range. The implications of the relatively rapid development of the acoustics of the auditory periphery are discussed in terms of the development of mechanisms subserving sound localization.[1]


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