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Surface analysis of surface-passivated intraocular lenses.

We analyzed the surfaces of six different types of poly(methyl methacrylate) intraocular lenses using electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis (ESCA), static secondary ion mass spectroscopy (SIMS), and two techniques for determining surface energies. The tested lenses were (1) Ioptex lathe-cut surface-passivated, (2) Ioptex lathe-cut, (3) another manufacturer's lathe-cut, (4) cast-molded, (5) polyfluorocarbon-coated, and (6) polyvinylpyrrolidone-grafted. The ESCA testing revealed marked differences in the chemical composition of the surfaces of the polyfluorocarbon-coated and polyvinylpyrrolidone-grafted lenses compared to the other four. Minute amounts of silicon were present on the cast-molded and surface-passivated lenses. Static SIMS testing revealed the presence of siloxane contaminants on the three lathe-cut and the cast-molded lenses; a statistically smaller amount of siloxane was present on the surface-passivated lenses. Contact angle and surface energy analysis revealed statistically lower surface energies for the polyfluorocarbon-coated materials and statistically higher surface energies for the polyvinylpyrrolidone-grafted; we found no differences in the contact angles and surface energies among the surface-passivated, lathe-cut, and cast-molded lenses.[1]


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