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Differential effect of chronic vitamin E deficiency on the development of neuroaxonal dystrophy in rat gracile/cuneate nuclei and prevertebral sympathetic ganglia.

Chronic vitamin E deficiency results in the premature and exaggerated development of neuroaxonal dystrophy (NAD) in primary sensory axon terminals in rat medullary gracile/cuneate nuclei, sites in which NAD develops normally with age. In the current study we determined if chronic Vitamin E deprivation had a similar effect on the development of NAD in the celiac/superior mesenteric sympathetic ganglia (C/SMG), another site with age-dependent NAD. The frequency of NAD failed to increase in the SMG of the same vitamin-E deficient animals in which a marked increase in severity of NAD was found in the gracile nucleus. These findings indicate that different populations of neurons are selectively involved in vitamin E deficiency and that the distribution of axonopathy in the E-deficient C/SMG does not duplicate the pattern of experimental diabetes and aging.[1]


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