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An open multicentre study of the efficacy and tolerance of cefodizime 1 g bd intravenously or intramuscularly in lower respiratory tract infections.

The efficacy and tolerance of cefodizime in lower respiratory tract infections in hospitalized adults was evaluated in an open, non-comparative multicentre trial. Cefodizime (HR 221), was administered as a dose of 1 g by slow iv or im injection every 12 h (2 g daily) to 301 hospitalized patients aged 18-91 years. The mean duration of treatment was 10 +/- 3 days (median 9, range 1.23). All 301 patients were evaluable for tolerance, 270 were evaluable for clinical efficacy, and 204 were evaluable for bacteriological efficacy. A satisfactory clinical response was achieved in 87.8% (237/270) of patients and a satisfactory bacteriological response in 90.2% (184/204). Of the patients given the drug iv, 3.9% (6/153) had pain at the site of the injection compared with 7.4% (11/148) of those given the drug im. Tolerance was good; only five patients experienced an adverse reaction, and a relationship with cefodizime was considered probable in four of these cases. Haematological, hepatic and renal function tests revealed 27 abnormalities, all considered to have a doubtful relationship with treatment.[1]


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