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Detection of ferryl myoglobin in the isolated ischemic rat heart.

Reflectance spectroscopy was utilized to monitor the oxidation states of myoglobin ( Mb) in isolated, buffer-perfused rat hearts. Hearts were subjected to 30 min global, no-flow ischemia, followed by reperfusion under anoxic conditions. The addition of Na2S to the buffer at reperfusion permitted the detection of ferryl myoglobin (MbIV) as its sulfmyoglobin derivative. The accumulation of MbIV was prevented by addition of ascorbic acid (1 mM), ergothioneine (2 mM), or desferal (1 mM) to the buffer prior to ischemia. Ascorbate and other agents have been previously shown to serve as one-electron reductants of MbIV. We propose that during the early phases of ischemia, deoxymyoglobin is oxidized to MbIV by residual H2O2. It also seems reasonable that the peroxidative activity of Mb(IV), during oxygenated reperfusion, might lead to cellular damage if this hypervalent form of Mb is not reduced.[1]


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