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Release of dialkylglycerol from purple membrane phospholipids by phospholipase D.

When the major polar lipid of purple membrane, a dialkyl analogue of phosphatidyl glycerophosphate, is treated with phospholipase D under the usual assay conditions for this enzyme, the reaction yields dialkylglycerol and glycerol bisphosphate, i.e. the kind of products that would be expected from a phospholipase C reaction. The effect is seen both in native purple membranes and with the pure phospholipid in the form of liposomes. The specific activity and kinetic parameters Km and Vmax of phospholipase D for the purple membrane phospholipid are similar to those for egg phosphatidylcholine. The presence of phospholipase C impurities in the phospholipase D preparations has been ruled out as an explanation for the above observations. A hypothesis is suggested, taking into account the peculiar headgroup structure of the bacterial lipid, to explain the seemingly anomalous enzyme behavior.[1]


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