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The physical organization of the human immunoglobulin heavy chain gene complex.

Two dimensional DNA electrophoresis (2D-DE) was used to map the variable ( VH) region of the human heavy chain immunoglobulin gene cluster. Seventy-six VH gene segments were mapped to specific SfiI, BssHI and NotI fragments by 2D-DE. We have determined that a common insertion/deletion polymorphism of 80 kb, involving three VH gene segments, occurs in the VH region. The physical map suggests that the evolution of the human IGH gene complex involved duplication of blocks containing different VH families. This physical map will allow comparison of the usage of VH loci in human ontogeny with their proximity to the CH region. Knowledge of the germline repertoire of a particular DNA source studied in essential as the number of the dispersed VH gene segments of VH families, especially of the VH5 family, is variable. 2D-DE, as illustrated here for the IGH gene cluster, has general application in the development of large scale physical maps of gene and repeat families.[1]


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