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Headaches and multiple sclerosis: a clinical study and review of the literature.

Whether multiple sclerosis ( MS) can cause headaches is controversial. To clarify the association between headaches and MS we prospectively analyzed 104 consecutive MS patients using detailed headache evaluations. Fifty-four patients (52%) reported headaches, compared with 5 of 35 (14%) patients initially suspected to have MS but subsequently proven to have other disorders, and 18 of 100 (18%) matched general neurology patients. The MS patients had tension headaches or vascular headaches of the migraine type; there was no distinctive " MS headache." Seven of these patients had headaches with their first MS symptoms, but in only one did headaches recur with disease activity. Headaches did not correlate with any clinical features of MS. We conclude that an association between headaches and MS may exist.[1]


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