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Psychotropic drugs and mental retardation: 1. Disabilities and the prescription of drugs for behaviour and for epilepsy in three residential settings.

The Birmingham Special Needs Register, a computerized database, was used to examine the disabilities of, and the use of psychoactive (psychotropic and antiepileptic) drugs among 1825 people over the age of 20 with mental retardation. People living in three different types of residential setting (hospitals, community residential facilities and family homes) were compared. The prevalence of physical disability, impaired communication and incontinence was highest among people resident in hospital, followed by those living with their families. People resident in community residential facilities were the least disabled group. Psychotropic drugs prescribed to alter behaviour were used most frequently in hospitals (prescribed for 40.2% of people), followed by community residential facilities (19.3%). Use was lowest in family homes (10.1%). Most hospital residents who received medication to alter behaviour did not have a diagnosed psychiatric disorder. The reported prevalence of behaviour disorders among the three populations was not significantly different. Drugs for epilepsy were prescribed for 26.2% of hospital residents, 9.3% of people in community residential facilities and 18.5% of people living with their families.[1]


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