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Residential Facilities

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Psychiatry related information on Residential Facilities


High impact information on Residential Facilities

  • Trends and milestones: Large state residential facilities: status and trends in population characteristics as of June 30, 2000 [3].
  • This study examined the MCMI-II in samples of cocaine-dependent subjects who were receiving treatment in three separate residential facilities [4].
  • ANOVA indicated significantly higher Beck depression scores in relatives of TBI survivors living in residential facilities than relatives of TBI survivors in an outpatient treatment programme [5].
  • Drugs for epilepsy were prescribed for 26.2% of hospital residents, 9.3% of people in community residential facilities and 18.5% of people living with their families [6].
  • This study examined differences between conjugally abused and nonabused female employees at a state-supported ICF/MR residential facility in relation to the potential for client abuse, absenteeism rates, and performance ratings [7].


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