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In vitro comparison of nitrofurazone- and silver alloy-coated foley catheters for contact-dependent and diffusible inhibition of urinary tract infection-associated microorganisms.

Two marketed antimicrobial-coated Foley catheters were compared for in vitro diffusible and contact-dependent inhibition of 11 urinary tract infection-associated microorganisms in an adherence-biofilm assay. Nitrofurazone-coated catheters significantly outperformed silver alloy-coated catheters for inhibitory activity, according to both inoculum broth and catheter sonicate counts, whether compared directly or against the corresponding control catheters. Although inhibition waned with catheter preincubation in saline, some organisms were inhibited even after a 48-h catheter preincubation, especially by the nitrofurazone-coated catheter.[1]


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