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Urinary Tract

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  • Importantly, generation of THP-specific Abs consistently detectable in urinary tract inflammation was completely blunted in Tlr4-/- mice [35].
  • CONCLUSION: Pending large prospective studies, the extension of the current surveillance program in MSH2 mutation carriers with the inclusion of the urinary tract should be considered [36].
  • An understanding of how FGF-10 works in conjunction with these other processes will lead to better management of many diseases of the bladder and urinary tract [37].
  • Our results suggest that FGFR3 antagonists could be developed as possible therapeutics for treatment of urinary tract carcinoma [38].
  • Though an immune infiltrate was present occasionally in transgenic skin, the infiltrate was not the primary cause of the epithelial hyperproliferation, as the immune reaction was not observed in all affected transgenics, and the transgene induced identical skin and urinary tract abnormalities in immunodeficient Rag1-null mice [39].

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