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Changes of stapedius reflex and hearing threshold in patients receiving high-dose cisplatin treatment.

The value of stapedius reflex (SR) measurement in the clinical management of the ototoxic side-effect of cisplatin was examined in 24 patients who had received a dose of 100-120 mg/m2. The main finding was a frequent but inconsistent deterioration of the SR threshold (SRT) at 3 and/or 4 kHz, usually with a moderate rise of the hearing threshold (HT) in the frequency range 3-8 kHz. A hearing loss exceeding 60 dB HL is detected with high probability as an SRT deterioration. None of the patients showed any influence on the SRT before the HT rise could be detected. The SR test cannot replace pure-tone audiometry for the identification of cisplatin ototoxicity. The pathological SR results observed in this study indicated a cochlear lesion. It was not possible to identify those patients most susceptible to ototoxic changes from the pretreatment results of the SR test.[1]


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