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Chemical Compound Review

CPDC     azanide; dichloroplatinum

Synonyms: S1166_Selleck, AC-2109, CHEBI:122989, Neuro_000055, NSC-131558, ...
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  • A therapeutic trial remains the only method to determine if patients have responsive tumors, and several patients who do not conform to a defined subset do respond to cisplatin-based chemotherapy [35].
  • For the Gynecologic Oncology Group, we conducted a trial to determine whether weekly infusions of cisplatin during radiotherapy improve progression-free and overall survival among patients with bulky stage IB cervical cancer [36].
  • We enrolled 53 consecutive patients with muscle-invading bladder cancer (stages T2 through T4, NXM0) in a trial of transurethral surgery, combination chemotherapy, and irradiation (4000 cGy) with concurrent cisplatin administration [37].
  • CONCLUSIONS: The neurokinin-1-receptor antagonist L-754,030 prevents delayed emesis after treatment with cisplatin [18].
  • We conclude that two courses of cisplatin-based adjuvant chemotherapy will almost always prevent relapse in pathological Stage II testicular cancer treated with orchiectomy and retroperitoneal-lymph-node dissection [38].


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