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Health complaints, remedies and medical assistance in a peri-urban area.

A questionnaire was used to assess health complaints, remedies, type of medical assistance sought for health complaints, reasons for attendance and frequency of utilisation in a developing peri-urban black community near Pretoria. The most frequently mentioned health complaints were gastric problems, coughing and dental problems. Remedies included laxatives for gastric problems, cough mixture for fever and coughing, extraction for dental problems, rubbing ointment or spirit for aching joints, and eye drops for ophthalmic problems. For medical assistance, 54% had been to a clinic, 12% to a chemist, 11% to hospital and 9% to a doctor. Major reasons for attendance were for diagnosis and treatment at the clinic, hospital or doctor and for medicine collection from the chemist. Over a 6-month period, the majority had made one visit to a chemist or general practitioner and two visits to a clinic. It was concluded that Western-type medicine was used for a wide variety of common health complaints.[1]


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