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A repeated dose comparison of three benzodiazepine derivative (nitrazepam, flurazepam and flunitrazepam) on subjective appraisals of sleep and measures of psychomotor performance the morning following night-time medication.

Repeated doses of 5 mg nitrazepam, 15 mg flurazepam, and 1 mg flunitrazepam improved subjective assessments of the ease of getting to sleep and the perceived quality of induced sleep in a population of 30 healthy volunteers. The subjective reports of improved sleep inducement were related to a perceived difficulty in awakening from sleep the morning following medication. This subjectively reported "hangover" is also shown in the impairment of mental arithmetic abilities as measured on the serial subtraction of sevens technique. However, complex psychomotor performance is unaffected by repeated administration of these three benzodiazepine derivatives, although these later results are somewhat equivocal. Evidence of a "rebound phenomenon" following 4 nights' withdrawal of active medication is shown in both subjective and objective measures of sleep and early morning behaviour.[1]


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