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Effect of rimantadine on cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses and immunity to reinfection in mice infected with influenza A virus.

Administration of rimantadine to mice via drinking water, following a prophylactic dose, reduced lung virus titers by greater than 3 log10 plague-forming units (pfu)/ml but caused only marginal reductions in lung virus titers when therapy was started 8 h after exposure to virus. Mice given rimantadine prophylactically plus therapeutically were resistant to rechallenge with virus at a dose equivalent to that used for the primary infection (50 pfu/mouse) but not to a high dose (1 x 10(5) pfu/mouse). Virus-neutralizing-antibody titers were reduced only by rimantadine treatment, which included prophylaxis, whereas the cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) response was depressed by treatment given with or without prophylaxis. Mice infected with rimantadine-resistant virus had no decrease in CTL or antibody responses when treated with rimantadine. Therefore, the depression in CTL and antibody responses associated with rimantadine treatment appears to be due to a decrease in the amount of viral antigen available or interference with viral antigen processing and not to nonspecific immunosuppressive effects.[1]


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