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A reexamination of end-point and rebound nystagmus in normals.

In order to detail the characteristics of end-point (EPN) and rebound nystagmus (RN), two series of experiments were performed with infrared oculography for measurement of horizontal eye movements. Experiment 1 consisted of EPN recordings during sustained lateral gaze (40 degrees and 50 degrees) in 20 normal subjects. Experiment 2 consisted of recordings of RN in 5 normal subjects. Nine of 20 subjects demonstrated a jerk EPN. EPN almost always appeared immediately and was sustained for 15-25 sec. In Experiment 2, RN occurred in 5 of the 5 subjects who demonstrated EPN. The mean amplitude of RN was always less than that of EPN, and decayed over a 5-10-sec time period. The experiment demonstrated that RN can be evoked in normals even when a fixation target, in a fully lit room, is present.[1]


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