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Nystagmus, Pathologic

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  • As a result of an investigation of the three (horizontal, vertical and torsional) components of the nystagmus elicited by the caloric stimulus (cold water), the vertical nystagmus differed in direction between the left and the right ear in 3 out of the 4 BPPV cases [18].
  • Other ocular abnormalities included strabismus and jerky horizontal nystagmus [19].
  • In addition, moderate myopia and pendular nystagmus were seen in affected individuals [20].
  • Our findings suggest that, in MS, pendular nystagmus arises from an instability in the feedback control of the neural integrator for eye movements, which depends on a distributed network of neurons in the brainstem and cerebellum [21].
  • R24571, a calmodulin antagonist and inhibitor of several Ca(2+)-dependent enzymes, caused a significant reduction in the average frequency of spontaneous ocular nystagmus (spontaneous nystagmus) during the first 53 h following unilateral labyrinthectomy (n = 5), compared with vehicle-injected animals (n = 5) [22].


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