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The metabolism and disposition of aniline in the isolated blood-perfused liver of the rat.

In the isolated, blood-perfused liver of the rat, aniline is removed from the perfusion medium rapidly over the first 60 min, but more slowly over the following 120 min. The main metabolite found in the perfusion medium is an acid-labile conjugate of aniline which after 3 hr accounts for 33% of the aniline added, whereas p-aminophenol conjugates account for a further 13%. No free p-aminophenol could be detected in the perfusion medium and only a small amount in the bile. Aniline conjugates form the major metabolites found in the bile. A kinetic analysis of the data is presented and a two-compartment model is postulated in which aniline is removed for excretion in the bile or for metabolism from the first compartment. SKF 525-A, 0.2 mM, completely blocks the formation of p-aminophenol and inhibits the formation of the acid-labile aniline conjugate by 62%. There is also an increase in the size of the second compartment.[1]


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