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Factors influencing patient entrance into a cardiac rehabilitation program.

The purpose of this descriptive pilot study was to identify factors that influence patient participation in a cardiac rehabilitation program. Thirty-nine patients who were admitted to a midwestern hospital with a coronary problem and who were candidates for cardiac rehabilitation completed the Patient Entrance Into a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program (PECRP) questionnaire. The PECRP evaluates a subject's responses to Health Belief Model-based statements. Analysis by t test revealed significant differences for perceived benefits and barriers, indicating that patients who participated in a cardiac rehabilitation program perceived more benefits and fewer barriers to entering such a program than those who did not. No significant differences were found between groups for perceived susceptibility and perceived severity constructs. Analysis of demographic variables revealed significant differences for income and marital status on the perceived benefits and barriers construct, indicating that those who had an income greater than $20,000 and those who were married perceived more benefits and fewer barriers than those whose income was less than $20,000 and who were not married. Nursing implications for these patients are discussed, particularly those related to patient teaching before discharge.[1]


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