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Marital Status

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Disease relevance of Marital Status


Psychiatry related information on Marital Status

  • The association between DBP and SBP by tertiles, and spatial functions (Block Design and Benton Visual Retention test) remained after controlling for education, marital status, smoking, alcohol and physical activity, and intermediates such as arteriosclerotic manifestations (block design, beta = 0.17; = 0.029) in multiple regression models [6].
  • Follow-up interviews assessed subjects' residential, educational, occupational, and marital status; utilization of mental health services; and psychological status RESULTS: Anxious subjects without histories of depression were less likely than NPI controls to be living independently [7].
  • During-treatment variables were employment, arrests or incarcerations, opiate and non-opiate drug abuse, living with an addict, marital status, and months of methadone treatment [8].
  • SMD was not associated with age, marital status, alcohol consumption, regular exercise, past estrogen replacement therapy use, bone mineral density, or personal or maternal fracture history [9].
  • Using Fisher's exact test, neurotoxicity affecting the orofacial area was found to be significantly associated with younger age and single marital status indicating that psychosocial factors may affect susceptibility to the neurotoxic effects of vincristine [10].

High impact information on Marital Status

  • After corrections for marital status and income, 10% of those who received nicotine gum and 7% of those who received placebo gum reported continuous abstinence for 11 months and passed observer and biochemical verification (this difference was not statistically significant) [11].
  • Although cholesterol levels have been adjusted for a range of factors, such as age, sex, weight/height, and marital status, environmental factors still account for about half the variability in the residual values [12].
  • Four distinct prognostic groups (5-year RFS, 97%, 78%, 58%, and 27%) were developed, defined by the number of positive nodes, tumor size, progesterone receptor (PR) status, differentiation, race, and marital status [13].
  • Marital status and the progression of functional disability in patients with rheumatoid arthritis [14].
  • MEASUREMENTS: Using univariate and multivariate analyses, bronchodilator and inhaled steroid prescription rates were determined for 45 ZIP codes and studied for associations with race and ethnicity, poverty, educational attainment, marital status, gender, total numbers of asthma drug prescriptions, and numbers and types of asthma care providers [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Marital Status


Biological context of Marital Status


Associations of Marital Status with chemical compounds


Gene context of Marital Status

  • Effects of BRCA1 mutation status on fertility intentions were estimated using multivariate logistic regressions where we controlled for gender, age, marital status, and baseline fertility intentions [31].
  • After adjusting for age, sex, race, household income, access to care, parent education, and marital status, excess total costs were $479 for children with ADHD (P<.001) and $437 for children with asthma (P<.01) [32].
  • Marital status, alcohol dependence, and GABRA2: evidence for gene-environment correlation and interaction [24].
  • OBJECTIVE: We examined the risk for depressive symptoms associated with age, education, ethnicity, gender, marital status, apolipoprotein E genotype (APOE) and memory complaints among non-demented elderly (> or = 60 years) [33].
  • Factors other than primary disease severity that predict mortality in COPD include nutritional depletion, exercise endurance, functional performance, and even social factors such as marital status [34].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Marital Status


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