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Multiple crosslinks of proteins S7, S9, S13 to domains 3 and 4 of 16S RNA in the 30S particle.

Functionally active 70S ribosomes containing 4-thiouracil in place of uracil (substitution level 2%) were prepared by an in vivo substitution method. RNA-protein crosslinks were introduced by 366 nm photoactivation of 4-thiouracil in the purified 30S subunits. Seven single stranded M13 probes containing rDNA inserts complementary to domains 3 and 4 of 16S RNA were constructed. These inserts approximately 100 nucleotides long starting at nucleotide 868 and ending at the 3' OH terminus were used to select contiguous RNA sections. The proteins covalently linked to each selected RNA section were identified by 2D gel electrophoresis. Proteins S7, S9, S13 were shown to be efficiently crosslinked to multiple sites belonging to both domains.[1]


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