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Hamster female protein, a pentameric oligomer capable of reassociation and hybrid formation.

Syrian hamster female protein (SFP), a serum oligomer composed of five identical subunits, was reassociated in vitro from monomer subunits. The reconstituted pentamer was genuine by morphologic, antigenic, and structural criteria. Another female protein (FP), a homologue from Armenian hamsters (AFP), also reassociated into a pentamer after dissociation with 5 M guanidine hydrochloride. These two FP's hybridized when a mixture of them was dissociated and then reassociated. Differences between the parent FP's were used to show that the recombinant pentamer contained monomer subunits from both SFP and AFP. Reassociation of both FP's was enhanced by increasing FP concentration and also by adding Ca2+ during reassembly. The two FP's differed in their reassociation profile in that SFP was especially efficient in reassembly, whereas AFP was more dependent upon Ca2+. Female protein is a homologue of C-reactive protein and amyloid P component, and all of these proteins (pentraxins) share a similar structure. The in vitro dissociation-reassociation of female protein described herein may reflect an in vivo dissociation-reassociation which is functionally important and a common metabolic feature within this family of proteins.[1]


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