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Action of interferons in hairy cell leukemia.

We have investigated the direct effects of interferon (IFN) on hairy cells (HCs) isolated from patients with hairy cell leukemia using one- and two-dimensional gel electrophoresis. We have previously characterized the induction of synthesis of 10-16 specific proteins by IFN-alpha 2b in HCs, as analyzed by one-dimensional electrophoresis. By two-dimensional electrophoresis, we have now confirmed this induction and shown that the synthesis of the same number of specific proteins is down-regulated in HCs exposed to IFN-alpha 2b. When compared to HCs, fewer proteins are induced by IFN-alpha 2b in other normal, or neoplastic, lymphoid cells. We also report that protein induction occurs in HCs exposed in vivo to IFN-alpha 2b. We have demonstrated the presence of tubuloreticular structures in the cytoplasm of HCs exposed to IFN-alpha 2b in vitro, using transmission electron microscopy. We now report that these too are seen in HCs exposed to IFN in vivo during therapy. We investigated the effects of IFN-gamma on HCs and found that it also induces specific proteins. The pattern of induced proteins is distinctly different after IFN-gamma exposure in vitro. The fact that such induction occurs suggests that HCs possess also a receptor for IFN-gamma. These results demonstrate that there are direct effects of IFN-alpha on HCs and that such direct effects might be important in the antitumor activity of IFN-alpha in hairy cell leukemia.[1]


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