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A genetically controlled pairing anomaly between HLA-DQ alpha and HLA-DQ beta chains.

The HLA-DQ region contains highly polymorphic alpha and beta loci, so that a diverse set of cis- and trans-associated class II alpha/beta dimers are potentially generated in heterozygous individuals. To evaluate the extent of this predicted diversity, DQ2 beta or DQ3.2 beta cDNA were introduced into a panel of homozygous B cell lines that expressed different DQ alpha alleles. Restricted patterns of alpha/beta pairing were observed in which DQ2 beta and DQ3 beta molecules were unable to pair efficiently with DQ1 alpha chains. This pairing anomaly may contribute to altered class II phenotypes in heterozygous individuals, and is reflected in the absence of either DQ1 alpha, DQ2 beta or DQ1 alpha, DQ3 beta haplotypes in the known human gene pool.[1]


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