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Contrasting effect of IFN-gamma and IFN-alpha/beta on differentiation of some clones of mouse myeloid leukemic cells.

Mouse myeloid leukemic M1 cells are induced to differentiate into macrophage-like cells by a differentiation-inducing factor (D-factor) and various agents. IFN-gamma alone did not induce differentiation of clone T22-3 of M1 cells but inhibited their differentiation by D-factor. That is, IFN-gamma at 4 U/ml inhibited 50% of phagocytic activity of T22-3 cells induced by 7 x 10(-11) M D-factor. In addition, it inhibited the induction of lysozyme activity and morphological differentiation of these cells by D-factor. IFN-gamma also inhibited dexamethasone-induced differentiation of T22-3 cells. Previously interferon-alpha/beta was shown not to induce differentiation of M1 cells itself, but to enhance induction of their differentiation by D-factor. The present study showed that IFN-alpha/beta and IFN-gamma had opposite effects on induction of differentiation of T22-3 cells by D-factor. The effect of IFN-gamma on the differentiation of M1 cells varied with the clone of M1 cells used: IFN-gamma inhibited D-factor-induced differentiation of cells of clones T22-3 and S2, but induced differentiation of cells of clones B24 and S1.[1]


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