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Genetic analysis of erythrocyte uridine monophosphate kinase and aminolevulinate dehydrase and its application to paternity testing.

Simultaneous determination of uridine monophosphate kinase ( UMPK) and aminolevulinate dehydrase (ALAD) has been carried out after discontinuous starch gel electrophoresis in the Galician population (NW Spain), including 129 families with a total of 291 descendents. Formal genetic studies are in agreement with the autosomal codominant way of inheritance for each locus. No evidence of phenotype association between both loci among the offspring is observed. Chance of exclusion for non-fathers is 0.041 13 for UMPK and 0.0702 for ALAD configuring a total exclusion rate of 0.1085 when both systems are evaluated together.[1]


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