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Effects of FDP and Danshen on renal cortical Na-K-ATPase activity in rats after treatment with renal ischemia and gentamicin.

The main purpose of our study is to investigate the possible protective effects of Fructose 1-6 diphosphate (FDP) and Danshen (Salvia Miltiozzhiza Bunze) on renal cortical Na-K-ATPase activity after renal ischemia and gentamicin nephrotoxicity. An 18.6% reduction in renal cortical Na-K-ATPase activity was shown after 30 min of renal pedicle clamping and 60 min of reflow, and a 32.5% reduction after 90 min of single injection of 100 mg/kg gentamicin. Light and electronic microscopy revealed no significant morphologic changes in both groups in the experiment. 4g/kg FDP and 18g/kg Danshen were infused 60 min after reflow in the ischemic group, 90 min after injection of gentamicin in the gentamicin-treated group and 90 min in the sham-operated group separately. The enzyme activity in the FDP-treated groups was found to be higher than that in the control kidneys while in the Danshen-treated groups no significant difference could be found. Our study showed that FDP and Danshen could prevent the decline of renal cortical Na-K-ATPase activity induced by ischemia and gentamicin. FDP could increase this enzyme activity while Danshen showed no such direct effect.[1]


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