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Chemical Compound Review

Gentavet     2-[4,6-diamino-3-[3-amino-6- (1...

Synonyms: Gentamar, Gentocin, Alcomicin, Garamycin, GENTAMYCIN, ...
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Disease relevance of gentamicin


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Chemical compound and disease context of gentamicin


Biological context of gentamicin

  • This pharmacokinetics analysis provided evidence that patients who experience gentamicin-related nephrotoxic effects while receiving recommended doses of gentamicin could be distinguished from patients with no toxic effects because they experienced abnormal tissue accumulation before detectable changes in renal function occurred [20].
  • Kinetics of gentamicin uptake and release in the rat. Comparison of inner ear tissues and fluids with other organs [21].
  • Heat fractionation with gentamicin increased the LD50/7 (total time at 45 degrees C) to 23.0 and 12.5 minutes at 45 degrees C for 1- and 3-day intervals, respectively [22].
  • This effect was not due to acute reductions in arterial blood pressure or renal blood flow, it could be reproduced by substituting nonviable for viable gram-negative organisms, and it was associated with increased renal gentamicin uptake [23].
  • R factors mediating gentamicin resistance were demonstrated in 34 of 36 strains [24].

Anatomical context of gentamicin


Associations of gentamicin with other chemical compounds


Gene context of gentamicin

  • The gentamicin protection assays using intracellular bacteria showed that CHI3L1 is required for the enhancement of adhesion and internalization of these bacteria in CEC [32].
  • The 5' flanking regions of two other genes, the trimethoprim-resistance gene from R388 and the gentamicin resistance (aadB) gene from pDGO100, are greater than 98% homologous to the 5' flanking sequences of the OXA-1, OXA-2, and aadA genes until they diverge at the target sequence [33].
  • Insertional inactivation of the fliA gene with a gentamicin gene cassette rendered P. aeruginosa nonmotile and unable to express the flagellin gene [34].
  • In this study, we evaluated the protective effects of adenovirus-mediated overexpression of GDNF against gentamicin ototoxicity [35].
  • We report another Bla+ enterococcus with high-level gentamicin resistance [36].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of gentamicin


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