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Assembly and self-association of oxytricha telomeric nucleoprotein complexes.

Two types of specific telomeric protein-DNA complex are reconstituted upon incubation of purified Oxytricha telomere protein with (T4G4)4, an oligodeoxynucleotide of telomeric sequence. The complexes differ in electrophoretic mobility, in protein-DNA contacts, and in the rate of DNA exchange. The patterns of protein-DNA interaction determined by modification interference suggest a model in which the protein can bind either to the two T4G4 repeats at the 3' end or to two internal repeats; in the latter case, it can make a different set of contacts with the terminal repeat to form the more stable complex. Native telomeric chromatin isolated from Oxytricha contains both types of complexes. The reconstituted monomeric complexes associate to give a high molecular weight form that has an altered chemical footprint. Such interactions may mediate the association of chromosomal telomeres in vivo.[1]


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