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Computer-aided design in wheelchair seating.

This paper describes the integration of computer-aided design ( CAD) with the design and fabrication of wheelchair seats. The use of CAD during the design phase permits personal seating for adult and pediatric clientele through a series of standard manufactured seating components. The advent of CAD has permitted the creation of databases of detailed 3-D wheelchair structures that are commercially available, in addition to most standard modular seating components. Direct on-screen manipulation of these components on any selected wheelchair structure is through user-friendly software. When using CAD, structural and physical limitations can be foreseen and taken into consideration during the routine initial fitting on an adjustable simulation fitting chair. The end product is a dimensioned drawing of the seating arrangement as it is positioned in the wheelchair structure. The seating components are manufactured from this drawing. The CAD system permits seating specialists to simulate a client's seating arrangement on the wheelchair in order to determine a functional position before the fabrication phase. Essentially, the CAD software is used as a simulation tool for creating functional seating units. It is also a design tool that allows access through a database to dimensional information about commercial seating products and seating products developed through the use of the CAD system.[1]


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