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Enzyme replacement therapy in fibroblasts from a patient with cholesteryl ester storage disease.

Enzyme replacement has long been considered only a remote possibility in the treatment of a wide range of genetic disorders, many manifested as lysosomal storage diseases. The complexity of having a particular enzyme gain access to the lysosomal compartment in a specific cell seemed insurmountable. We report here on an attempt to introduce the enzyme cholesteryl esterase into fibroblasts from a patient with cholesteryl ester storage disease (CESD). The enzyme gains access to the lysosomal compartment and the accumulating cholesteryl ester by virtue of being carried into the cell conjugated to a ligand (insulin or apoprotein B [apoB]) that binds to its own specific receptor and is internalized by the well-described process of receptor-mediated endocytosis. Regardless of whether the enzyme enters the cell via the insulin receptor or via the low-density lipoprotein (ApoB) receptor, it can be found associated with a lysosomal fraction and is effective in lowering levels of accumulated substrate, cholesteryl ester. The time course of the substrate degradation and the dependence on the receptor density and receptor density and receptor-ligand interaction indicate that the enzyme is simply being carried to the site of substrate accumulation by virtue of the fact that that is the destination of the ligand (along with its conjugated enzyme) following internalization.[1]


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