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Gene Review

LIPA  -  lipase A, lysosomal acid, cholesterol...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Acid cholesteryl ester hydrolase, CESD, Cholesteryl esterase, LAL, Lipase A, ...
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Disease relevance of LIPA

  • A new mutation (LIPA Tyr22X) of lysosomal acid lipase gene in a Japanese patient with Wolman disease [1].
  • A deficiency of LIP activity has been observed in Wolman's disease (WD), cholesterol ester storage disease (CESD), and I-cell disease (ICD); this deficiency was associated with only one LIP isozyme, LIPA [2].
  • Samples taken from 94 drug-naive individuals with established HIV infection and 13 patients with primary HIV infection were assessed by nucleotide sequencing and LIPA [3].
  • These studies provide the basis for the use of gene therapy, in the form of gene transfer via intravenously administered adenovirus, to correct deficiency states, such as WD and CESD, and histopathology of a variety of tissues [4].
  • We cloned the human LAL cDNA and expressed the active enzyme in the baculovirus system [5].

Psychiatry related information on LIPA

  • Depression measured by the CESD score (RR=1.04 95%CI [1.01-1.06]), cocaine use (RR=2.48 95%CI [1.31-4.68]) and alcohol consumption exceeding 4 alcohol units (AU) per day (RR=2.29, 95%CI [1.17-4.46]) were independently associated with buprenorphine injection misuse among stabilised BMT patients [6].
  • Well-being was assessed using measures of depressive symptoms (CESD), intrusive thoughts (IES), cancer worries, and self-esteem [7].

High impact information on LIPA


Chemical compound and disease context of LIPA


Biological context of LIPA


Anatomical context of LIPA


Associations of LIPA with chemical compounds

  • LIPA metabolises cholesterol esters, which are transported by the cholesteryl ester transport protein CETP [21].
  • CONCLUSION: These preliminary anecdotal findings in a CESD patient with novel LIPA mutations support the longer term safety of statins in an adolescent patient and provide new data about the potential efficacy and tolerability of ezetimibe in this patient group [22].
  • Lovastatin therapy in CESD appears to be clinically beneficial and has complex effects on lipid metabolism that may include a dominant inhibitory effect on hepatic lipoprotein production, posttranscriptionally mediated induction of the LDL receptor, and alterations of LDL particles that interfere with their clearance by the LDL receptor in vivo [10].
  • However, the phenotype of the homozygous propositus is more severe compared with the previously described case, indicating that no direct relationship exists between the genotype or residual LAL activity and the precise cholesterol or triglyceride levels in a given patient [23].
  • Heterologous expression of E8SJM LAL in insect cells gave an LAL with low catalytic activity toward cholesteryl oleate and triolein [24].

Other interactions of LIPA


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LIPA

  • HCV genotyping was carried out in all patients using commercial single PCR and LIPA procedures [16].
  • HCV geno- and subtyping was carried out using the Inno line probe assay (Inno LIPA, Innogenetics, Zwijnaarde, Belgium) in 87 patients positive by HCV RT PCR [28].
  • Similar distribution of LAL protein was observed by immunofluorescence stain [29].
  • Immunoblotting of normal LAL expressed in HeLa cells revealed four major molecular forms, at least two of high molecular mass (54 and 50-51 kDa) and two of low molecular mass (42 and 43 kDa) [30].
  • This protocol was initiated in the HIV Epidemiological Research study (HERS) study when a woman's CD4 cell count fell to < 100 x 10(6) cells/l. Immune function (CD4), viral load status and depression severity (CESD) were also assessed semi-annually, along with an interview to determine medication intake and illicit drug use [31].


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