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DNA polymerase III, a second essential DNA polymerase, is encoded by the S. cerevisiae CDC2 gene.

Three nuclear DNA polymerases have been described in yeast: DNA polymerases I, II, and III. DNA polymerase I is encoded by the POL1 gene and is essential for DNA replication. Since the S. cerevisiae CDC2 gene has recently been shown to have DNA sequence similarity to the active site regions of other known DNA polymerases, but to nevertheless be different from DNA polymerase I, we examined cdc2 mutants for the presence of DNA polymerases II and III. DNA polymerase II was not affected by the cdc2 mutation. DNA polymerase III activity was significantly reduced in the cdc2-1 cell extracts. We conclude that the CDC2 gene encodes yeast DNA polymerase III and that DNA polymerase III, therefore, represents a second essential DNA polymerase in yeast.[1]


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