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Fibroblast growth factor in the extracellular matrix of dystrophic (mdx) mouse muscle.

Polyclonal antibody F547 reacts with a bovine basic fibroblast growth factor ( bFGF) and a human recombinant bFGF, but not with bovine acidic fibroblast growth factor. This antibody localized bFGF in the extracellular matrix of mouse skeletal muscle, primarily in the fiber endomysium, which includes the heparin-containing basal lamina. In mdx mouse muscle, which displays persistent regeneration, FGF levels in the extracellular matrix are higher than those in controls. Overabundance of matrix FGF in mdx muscles may be related to an increase in both satellite cell and regenerative activity in the dystrophic muscle and may help explain the benign phenotype of mdx animals compared with the genetically identical human Duchenne muscular dystrophy.[1]


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