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Basement Membrane

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  • We examined the expression of laminin, a basement membrane glycoprotein, during this conversion [25].
  • Both integrin complexes are receptors for laminins, major components of basement membranes [26].
  • Both collagens resemble previously characterized type IV basement-membrane collagens with respect to their amino acid composition, cyanogen bromide peptides, chain size, immunological reactivity and tissue localization [27].
  • In the patients receiving placebo the mean width of the muscle capillary basement membrane increased from 135.9 +/- 9.0 nm (S.E.M.) to 169.3 +/- 9.5 nm (P = 0.01), but in those receiving glipizide the value decreased to a level no different from that in subjects without diabetes: from 152.9 +/- 2.9 to 127.5 +/- 5.1 nm (P = 0.01) [28].
  • We report here that in F9 12-1 cells exposed to retinoic acid, synthesis of the SV40 A gene product(s), T and tumour-associated specific antigens (TASA), parallels the appearance of the normal hallmarks of differentiation in this cell line, H-2 antigens and the basement membrane protein laminin [29].

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