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Effect of SnF2 mouthrinse on initial bacterial colonization of tooth enamel.

Microbiologic quantitative methods and scanning electron microscopy were used to observe the effect of stannous fluoride (100 ppm F-) mouthrinse on early plaque formation. An in vivo plaque model system was used on two individuals to test this experimental agent. Following SnF2 mouthrinsing, the total bacterial counts of two-day-old plaque on enamel cylinders were reduced up to 50.8 times or 98% and the streptococcal counts were decreased up to 48.4 times or 97.9%. Scanning electron microscopy confirmed a marked decrease of bacteria on enamel with use of SnF2 mouthrinse. It appears that, in addition to reducing enamel solubility and other properties, SnF2 may also alter bacterial accumulations on teeth.[1]


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