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Relevance of additive components of University of Wisconsin cold-storage solution. An experimental study in the rat.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the value of additive components and colloid included in the University of Wisconsin (UW) solution. Therefore, this solution was compared with a solution consisting of the basic components of the UW solution (potassium lactobionate, raffinose, phosphate buffer and MgSO4). We employed a method of measuring the amount of chromium-51-labeled erythrocyte trapped in the medullary vasculature 20 min after reperfusion of kidney grafts cold-stored for 24-48 h in either the basic UW (bUW) or the original UW (oUW) solution. The amount of trapping has been shown to correlate well with the degree of cold ischemic injury. Both hemodiluted (hct 20-27%) and normal (hct 41-45%) recipients were used. Long-term viability of grafts stored in either bUW or oUW was investigated in survival experiments and the flow rates during in situ flush-out were also measured, as well as weight changes during the storage period. The results showed no significant difference between the two solutions, regardless of ischemia time or whether hemodiluted or normal recipients were used. However, the flow rate and weight measurements showed that flushing was more rapid and kidney swelling less pronounced using oUW. Survival rates in long-term transplantation experiments were similar. It was concluded that the inclusion of a colloid improves the rheological properties of the UW solution and that the additives besides the basic components did not offer any advantage.[1]


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